Henry Clarke, 38 Gallowtree Gate, Leicester
16 bore Boxlock Non-ejector
No. 10108

Date of manufacture: circa 1887

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Heritage Guns' Comment

This gun is an unusually finely finished example of the Anson & Deeley boxlock that had become such a hugely successful design by the last quarter of the 19th Century. Henry Clarke and family were in business for very nearly a 100 years in Leicester and sold a huge range of guns, some probably made in house but many sourced from the upper end of the Birmingham guntrade. Their policy seems to have been to buy in good quality guns in a fine state of finish and retail at advantageous prices. Their products were always nicely engraved and well-appointed with the latest developments in gunmaking. This gun’s stock has been extended to nearly 16” and could be easily shortened to suit the owner’s needs. Likewise the neutral stock cast makes the gun very adaptable to both left and right handed shooters. I make no excuses for listing this shotgun as I think that its sensible weight, the glorious simplicity and ruggedness of a boxlock non-ejector, the nicely sleeved steel barrels and light-touch restoration makes it a very practical gun for either upland game or clays.



The action is of Anson & Deeley design and features: 
Double triggers bolted by an automatic top tang safety slide;
Anson’s ‘dicky bird’ safety mechanism;
Top lever opening, operating a 'Purdey Bolt' by way of a 'Scott Spindle';
Passive ‘dolls head’ top rib extension;
Anson pushrod forend catch.
Gun weight 6lb 5oz         
Engraving style
Bold foliate. Gold inlaid ‘SAFE’.
Note: the engraving is a little worn on soft metal surfaces.
Trigger pulls measure approximately: Front trigger 4 lbs Rear trigger 4 lbs.
The soft-solder sleeved steel barrels are 28" in length, chambered for 2 " (65mm) cartridges and are of brazed 'dovetail' lump construction with soft soldered ribs.
Top rib is of the smooth, concave, game type.               
Birmingham proof for 2 ” nitro powder cartridges in 1972.

Approximate barrel measurements at date of publication:

Nominal Proof Size
Bore Diameter 9" from Breech
Minimum Wall Thickness
Choke Constriction
Right Barrel
0.008" (IC)
Left Barrel
0.020" (Mod)

Straight Hand Stock and Splinter Forend are crafted from well figured walnut. The stock has neutral cast and features well-defined drop points, a vacant white metal oval and is finished with a 1 ” well matched walnut extension. The forend features a finely engraved steel tip.

Well Figured Walnut Stock & Forend

The 20 lines per inch chequering.
The stock is finished with a traditional linseed oil based preparation as used on best guns by one of the top English makers.

Approximate stock measurements at date of publication:

Pull to Heel
Pull to Bump
Pull to Centre
Pull to Toe
15 3/4"
15 7/8"
15 3/4"
16 1/8"
Drop at Comb
Drop at Face
Drop at Heel
1 1/2"
1 3/4"
2 1/2"
Cast at Comb
Cast at Heel

For the purposes of these measurements, 'Drop at Face' is the 'drop' measurement taken on a line perpendicular to the
line joining the trigger and centre of the butt at approximately 8" from the trigger (front trigger on a double trigger gun).

Patents Exhibited include:
Anson & Deeley's boxlock patent no. 1756 of 1875;
'Purdey Bolt' patent no. 1104 of 1863;
 'Scott Spindle' patent no. 2752 of 1865;
Anson & Deeley's safety catch no. 907 of 1879;
Anson's forend fastener patent no. 3791 of 1872.