George Gibbs, 39 Corn Street, Bristol
12 bore Back Action Hammergun
no. 1284

Date of manufacture: pre-1896

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Heritage Guns' Comment

George Gibbs was, and still is, a maker of very high quality guns. In keeping with most of the provincial gun trade of his time, he retailed various grades of gun but within his workshops he only dealt with the better end of the quality spectrum. This gun is a bit of a conundrum as it displays a number that does not fit with any of the contemporary Gibbs numbering systems and yet it is included in the top barrel information, as would be a normal Gibbs number. However, there are know to exist several other guns in the same style, generally considered to be have been made as pigeon guns, which also carry an unusual serial number and it has been suggested that Gibbs did at one time keep a specific set of numbers for guns of this ilk.
Regardless, with its 30" damascus barrels chambered for 2 ¾" nitro, a broad file cut rib, substantial action and considerable weight, Jones rotary underlever, back action locks and semi pistol grip, it is certainly built for serious shooting and it remains a very handy tool for targets or game.


The Action is of traditional design and features:
Double bite Jones rotary underlever,
Passive 'Dolls Head' top rib extension,
Double triggers, Percussion fences,
Back action locks with rebounding low level hammers
and an Anson pushrod forend catch.
Gun weight 7lb 4oz
Engraving style
Best Bouquet & Scroll
Trigger pulls measure approximately: Front trigger 3 3/4 lbs Rear trigger 4 lbs
The original damascus barrels are 30" in length, chambered for 2 3/4" (70mm) cartridges and are of brazed dovetail lump construction with soft soldered ribs.
Top rib
is of the broad, file cut type.
Birmingham reproof for 70mm nitro powder cartridges in 2007

Approximate barrel measurements at date of publication:

Nominal Proof Size
Bore Diameter 9" from Breech
Minimum Wall Thickness
Choke Constriction
Right Barrel
0.006" (Skeet)
Left Barrel
0.008" (IC)

The Semi Pistol Grip Stock and Splinter Forend are crafted from highly figured walnut. The stock is lightly cast-off for a right-handed shot, features a horn grip cap, a vacant white metal oval, well-defined drop points and is finished with a 3/4" leather covered recoil pad. The slim and elegant forend features an engraved steel tip.

Highly Figured walnut

The 20 approx lines per inch chequering has been freshened to the original pattern.
The stock is finished with a traditional linseed oil based preparation as used on best guns by one of the top English makers. This finish uses no grain fillers to achieve its deep, smooth lustre, only many hours of alternate build and flatting off of the surface.

Approximate stock measurements at date of publication:

Pull to Heel
Pull to Bump
Pull to Centre
Pull to Toe
14 1/2"
14 1/2"
14 1/2"
Drop at Comb
Drop at Face
Drop at Heel
1 1/2"
1 11/16"
2 3/16"
Cast at Comb
Cast at Heel
1/16" (approximate)
1/8" (approximate)

For the purposes of these measurements, 'Drop at Face' is the 'drop' measurement taken on a line perpendicular to the
line joining the trigger and centre of the butt at approximately 8" from the trigger (front trigger on a double trigger gun).

Patents Exhibited include:
Stanton's rebounding lock patent no. 367 of 1867,
Jones rotary underlever patent no. 2040 of 1859,
Anson's forend patent 3791 of 1872.