Update 11th January, 2017


I have just uploaded full details and photos of two new stock guns:


J. Coster of Edinburgh 20g Boxlock NVN



Julius Coster (1850-1927) was a noted Scottish gunsmith and inventor. His father was a German gunmaker in Niedermeister, under whom Julius studied before he immigrated to Britain in 1869 and by the following year had found employment with Alexander Henry. By 1886 he had become the foreman of Henry’s workshop and had patented am improvement to the Martini Henry rifle. Soon after, he went into business with a Mr Hunter and then worked for himself. He moved to Glasgow in 1898.

This sweet little gun is unusual in that it carries 30” barrels, quite rare in a 20b, excellent minimum wall thickness and very useful choke constrictions. With its lovely Damascus barrels and great stock dimensions, this lovely gun would be ideal for upland game or clays.

Presented in its Maker’s canvas and leather case with Maker’s trade label.

G. Thorpe Bartrum of Braintree 12g G&P Patent Bar-action Sidelock no 1001



George Thomas Thorpe Bartrum was first seen in business under his own name in Ipswich, Suffolk around 1878 but by 1883 he was at Bank Place in Braintree, Essex which, with its proximity to London and the military barracks at Colchester, was probably a more profitable location. This gun is built on the highly successful Gibbs and Pitt design of lever cocking action, one of the first hammerless designs to be welcomed by the shooting public in the gradual changeover from hammerguns. Use of this action by Thorpe Bartrum reflects the high esteem the Gibbs & Pitt action design was held in by the buying public at the time. It was well designed, solidly built and retailed by nearly all gunmakers of the period. The action cocks on the movement of the toplever and then this is aided by the dropping of the barrels as the front barrel lump cams the Purdey bold rearwards, which in turn works upon the tumblers to bring them to full cock. This makes it quite impossible to reload the gun without recocking the locks and resetting the safety, a useful safety feature. Furthermore the tumblers have an additional bent, like a modern Browning OU, which can prevent the tumblers falling unintentionally. Unusually for a gun of this age, the barrel wall thicknesses have survived the attentions of the gunsmith’s lapping machine and although the barrels may have been shortened, this has been done in the correct manner and the muzzles properly brought together and ribs re-laid. The original English damascus barrels have been re-proofed for 2 3/4" nitro cartridges and this all adds up to a beautiful gun that is a joy to shoot and should give many years of service on game or clays with normal maintenance.


I very much look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at the Beinfeld show at the Westgate Resort & Casino, Las Vegas 20th-22nd January. Space permitting, we will have a good range of antique and modern accessories for sale so swing by and have a rummage!


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Enjoy your guns and shooting wherever you are!

Toby Barclay


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