Update 7th January, 2017


Welcome to my first Update of 2017.


Now that Christmas and the New Year celebrations are all behind us, I would wish you all a very successful and happy 2017.


Our Christmas was spent on the Isle of Mull with good friends Guy and Jane and her three children. We narrowly missed having the trip scuppered by Storm Barbara which closed down most ferry crossings for the Friday and Christmas Eve but we sailed to Mull a day earlier than planned and avoided the worst of the rough seas. Storms Barbara and Conor battered the island until Monday and we spent most of the time hunkered down with a glass of something warming, recovering from the traditional food excesses! Some bracing walks were taken and of course the three dogs had a ball but I was glad when Tuesday dawned calm and dry and I set off to meet Paul Chauvet at Pennyghael for a day’s hind stalking.


Having checked zero on the range, and one false start where an hour’s walk and a deserted ‘hill’ proved to us that we were in the wrong place, I finally got to take a suitable yeld hind with my Schultz & Larsen 7 x 57.




Anyway, our return south was uneventful and on New Year’s Eve I had a great day out with Tilly, picking up on the local estate. This turned out to be a rather grey day but dry with a good breeze and the birds flew well, the Guns did their bit and a record bag was achieved. Tilly worked really hard all day, bringing many runners to hand whilst being more reluctant on dead birds. She almost seems to be saying ‘I ran all the way over there, now you can walk the last couple of steps to collect my retrieve’, little minx! I have tried several strategies to combat this habit but she has circumvented them all so far!


Since our return home, I have been finishing off some lovely pieces to exhibit at the Beinfeld Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, 20th – 22nd January. A few of these are just nearing completion as I write but if all goes well, they will be on display and I will endeavour to get their details uploaded to my web site before I fly out of the UK on 18th Jan. Please forgive the paucity of information, photos and lack of final prices in the meantime.


Latest additions to the exhibit list for Las Vegas


J. Coster of Edinburgh 20g Boxlock NVN

A delightful little twenty bore with 30” Damascus barrels and a 15” replacement, one-piece stock. Maker’s canvas and leather case. Excellent MWT’s and chokes.


Holland & Holland Royal 12g SLE no 12319

Classic early Royal in fantastic condition. 28” TIG sleeved barrels and 15” replacement, one-piece stock.


G. Thorpe Bartrum of Braintree 12g G&P Patent Bar-action Sidelock no 1001

Famous Gibbs & Pit patent, toplever action. Combined lever and barrel cocking. 14 ¾” replacement stock. 28” Damascus barrels. Excellent MWT’s.


Other fantastic guns to view at Las Vegas


Henry Atkin (From Purdey’s) 12g SL no 274

Some may recall this gun from some time back. In the meantime, we have TIG sleeved it to the original barrel length and have had Teague Interchangeable Chokes fitted.

This gun is probably the earliest hammerless gun in the highest condition we have ever handled and has to be seen to appreciate the remarkable crispness of engraving and much remaining colour. Aesthetically it gives many nods to its hammergun forebears including a half cock bent!



Holland & Holland 16g ‘Climax’ SL no 7455

Bought at auction with thin and badly pitted barrels, TIG sleeving was the only option to bring this lovely gun back into service. What is unusual is the quality and condition of the action and wood: quite considerable amounts of original hardening colour are apparent is protected areas and the 15” original one piece stock is a classic bit of old French walnut.



J Purdey & Sons 12g Bar in Wood Hammergun no 11892

Restocked professionally some decades ago, this lovely old Purdey wears its 130 odd years with great aplomb! With top lever, Purdey bolt and ‘hidden 3rd bite’ it has all the best features of its type and no cracks in the bar wood, a common problem with this design style.



J&W Tolley 16g Bar Action Hammergun no 6404

When we took this gun in for restoration, the hammers had been radically shortened, probably with a hack saw. With careful laser welding we managed to restore them to their original size and shape, engraved and properly case hardened to match the rest of the lock patina. The barrels feature the original recess choke borings as indicated by the use of ‘CHOKE’, instead of ‘NOT FOR BALL’, after the bore/muzzle measurements.



James Woodward & Sons 12g Thumblever Bar Action SLE no 4641

We have been very privileged to handle several Woodward SLE’s in recent years and without exception have been blown away by their quality. They appear to hold good condition much better than many of their contemporaries and this one is a particularly fine example. Sporting a thumblever, as does the Atkin # 274 listed above, it is obviously harks back to a previous era but none the worse for it. Barrels were beyond saving so TIG sleeving was prescribed and Teague Interchangeable chokes fitted. This is a most lovely gun and would be the pride of any game or clay shooters collection. Presented in Leather & Brass case with reproduction label and some accessories.



James Purdey & Sons 12g Self Opening SLE no 11368

A lovely antique Purdey with original highly figured 14 ½” stock, wonderful ‘fleur-de-lys’ fences and 28” TIG sleeved barrels. Presented in its Maker’s Oak & Leather case with some accessories.


Holland & Holland 16g No.2 Back-action sidelock no 8787

Originally built as a 12g and converted to ejector around 1900, we have TIG sleeved this lovely old gun to 16g as one of our ‘Accipiter’ series and returned it to an extractor, as the ejectors were anything but reliable. As they say, ‘Less is more’!



T Murcott 12g Back-action Hammergun no 7032

Lovely old 30” Damascus barrelled gun with a strong 14 ½” replacement stock.




Charles Lancaster 12g SLE no 7776

In recent times the stock & forend wood has been professionally replaced with a lovely piece of well figured walnut with very good dimensions. Another big plus is that the gun was built with Southgate ejectors which is a huge relief for anyone who has had to deal with a malfunctioning Perkes patent mechanism more commonly found on Lancasters. Presented in its Leather and Brass case with a reproduction label and some accessories. 30” Damascus barrels.



Another T Murcott, this time a 16g ‘Mousetrap’ Bar-action Sidelock no 2446

30” Damascus barrels and beautiful antique French walnut, is there anything more lovely?



And last but very much not least, a 12g Boxlock Ejector by AJ Russell no 29701

30” Damascus barrels, grip safety and a selective ejector. What will they think of next?!



Most of the guns mentioned above are nitro proofed for a minimum of 2 3/4" cartridges and all are pre-1897.


I very much look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at the Beinfeld show at the Westgate Resort & Casino, Las Vegas 20th-22nd January. Space permitting, we will have a good range of antique and modern accessories for sale so swing by and have a rummage!


Lastly a reminder that we now have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heritage-Guns/1456166597974211. Facebook is not everybody’s cup of tea but we will post photos and news there that are not relevant to our main web site pages.


Enjoy your guns and shooting wherever you are!

Toby Barclay


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