Update 4th May 2015


Welcome to my May 2015 Update.


Firstly, there appears to be a few people still having trouble viewing my new Heritage Guns web site. I have investigated this and it seems simply to be that they are still using the old link from their ‘Favourites’ list. This will look like www.heritageguns.co.uk/hgframset.htm and it is the second part of this ‘web address’ which is causing the problem, pointing as it does to a non-existent file.


So if you are one of these unfortunates, proceed as follows:

  1. Click this link www.heritageguns.co.uk;
  2. Save the page that you land on in your ‘Favourites’;
  3. Delete the old, non-functioning link to Heritage Guns.


I have just got back from the Southern Side by Side Spring Classic in North Carolina which as always was great fun. The weather was fine and bright for set-up on Thursday and pleasantly sunny on Friday but rather wet on Saturday and Sunday morning. Of course it cleared up after lunch and we had warm sunny conditions for packing all the stock away! Typical! If fact it was surprisingly cold all weekend and I only removed my fleece briefly on Friday, putting it back on within 10 minutes! This was very different from the 90 degree, 90 % humidity that I had come to associate with this event and had not packed for the conditions.


Anyway, it did not seem to put off the shooters and the show was well attended. A record number of our guns went to new homes and a new Heritage Guns sales record was set.


It was a particular privilege to meet Daniel & Joanna Cote of Double Gun Journal who were there exhibiting their wonderful periodical.


Also many thanks to all the members of the Carolina Vintagers who were as always very good company.


If you would like a taste of the event, watch the video on this link.




I returned to find the UK enjoying typical spring weather: overcast days populated with short, sharp showers, interspersed with bright sunny days. Today it is certainly warm enough to be out in the garden in shirt sleeves even though there is a brisk breeze.


The Troublesome Twosome seemed happy enough to have me back home again although I suspect that they don’t care that much as long as they are fed and walked! With all the attention on his kennel mate’s training, Moss is becoming increasingly ‘deaf’ and I really must make an effort to bring him back under control. Tilly’s training is now going to concentrate on getting her retrieval delivery sharpened up. She loves the outrun and return and really flies over the ground but when about 10 yards out she has a tendency to run off to play with the dummy. Adding dried pheasant wings to the dummy has seemed to help but we have a way to go yet.


As usual I have left several guns behind in North Carolina and these include:



Watson Bros 28b Hammergun no 4606



Boss & Co 12b RUL hammergun no 2717



Boss & Co 16b RUL Hammergun no 1692



A spectacular FT Baker Needham patent 12b SLE, a real sleeper;




A very beautiful cased, toplever 12b SLE by Henry Atkin with ‘makers replacement steel barrels;



A Stephen Grant sidelever 12b SLE with lovely replacement wood;





A Murcott 12b hammergun with 30” damascus barrels;



A damascus barrelled BLE by Perkes Adams & Co in wonderful condition with some CH remaining:




And last but very much not least

3” nitro proof RUL hammergun by Edmund Woods, over 8lb and very probably made as a Live Pigeon gun..



Full details can be found via links on the Stock Page.


Most of the guns mentioned above are nitro proofed for a minimum of 2 3/4" cartridges and all are pre-1897.


Guns that I am working on with a view to exhibiting in September include:


GE Lewis 16b Damascus Hammergun;


Henry Atkin 12b Toplever TIG-sleeved SLE;


J Williamson RUL 12b Hammergun;


John Dickson 12b TIG-sleeved Round Action;


H&H 16b Damascus Climax SLNE;


W Powell 20b Damascus Lift-up toplever Hammergun;


Another Dickson Round Action, this one Damascus with new stock;


Another Henry Atkin 12b TIG-sleeved SLE, with sidelever;


J Purdey 12b BiW TIG-sleeved Hammergun;


A Maloch 12b RUL Damascus Hammergun;


Wilkinson & Son 410 RUL Hammergun (converted from a double rifle);


Charles Lancaster 12b Damascus self-opening SLE;


And lastly a 20b Hammergun by S Allport.



Lastly a reminder that we now have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heritage-Guns/1456166597974211. Facebook is not everybody’s cup of tea but we will post photos and news there that are not relevant to our main web site pages.


Enjoy your guns and shooting wherever you are!

Toby Barclay


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