Update 15th April 2015


Welcome to our pre-Southern Side by Side Spring Classic 2015 Update.


Firstly, just a brief reminder that unless you have updated it in the last few weeks, the link to our web site in your ‘Favourites’ may not work anymore. Just follow this link www.heritageguns.co.uk, save the page that you land on in your ‘Favourites’ and delete the old link to Heritage Guns.

Also a reminder that we now have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heritage-Guns/1456166597974211. Facebook is not everybody’s cup of tea but we will post photos and news there that are not relevant to our main web site pages.


Spring has arrived with a vengeance in East Anglia: summer-like temperatures and clear blue skies have convinced any doubting garden bulbs to burst in to bloom and the garden is a picture. My wife Chrissy could not resist filling a couple of vases with garden blooms and they have really brightened up our home after the grey of winter.



As regards the Troublesome Twosome, life has become rather more relaxed with the end of Tilly’s first season. Thankfully, Moss never really caught on but just in case, they were kept apart unless under close supervision. With the return to ‘normal service’ they can be left together without concern, although Tilly does occasionally regress to puppy-hood and insists on a style of play that Moss does not enjoy. His attempts to avoid the worst of her attentions by hiding behind a human can be quite painful if one is not paying attention.


We are only a little over a week away from the Southern S/S Spring Classic and I shipped 6 cases of show stock from London Heathrow yesterday. Now everything has gone, I have a few days of normality before flying out myself to join then on 22nd.


This event has gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years and I am very proud to sponsor the Black Powder event. This year the winner and runner-up awards are embroidered Heritage Guns gunsmithing aprons as modelled by yours truly at all our shows. However these will be specially designed ones with the event’s details arranged around our logo. I thought these would be particularly appropriate for a black powder event as cleaning guns afterwards can be a very messy business!



As to the guns you will be able to enjoy there:


Watson Bros 28b Hammergun no 4606


William Evans 28b Hammergun no 2083



A fine 12b, damascus barrelled SLE by the Scottish ‘maker Charles Ingram no A5079



Boss & Co 12b RUL hammergun no 2717



Boss & Co 16b RUL Hammergun no 1692



Boss & Co 12b Back-action SL no 3976


A spectacular FT Baker Needham patent 12b SLE, a real sleeper;



Another sleeper, a Henry Atkin Thumblever Hammerless Sidelock with masses of original colour;



A very beautiful cased, toplever 12b SLE by Henry Atkin with ‘makers replacement steel barrels;



A Stephen Grant sidelever 12b SLE with lovely replacement wood;



A very rare 16b Murcott ‘Mousetrap’ with 30” damascus barrels;


A lovely cased toplever H&H Royal 12g;



Another 12b H&H SLE, this time a Perkes patent action;



A 12g Roper & Sons, Gibbs & Pitt patent sidelock with damascus barrels choked Full & Full;



A cased 12b J Purdey & Sons SLE;



A Murcott 12b hammergun with 30” damascus barrels;



A damascus barrelled BLE by Perkes Adams & Co in wonderful condition with some CH remaining:



A very pretty 16b BL by Chas Osborne & Co:



And last but very much not least

3” nitro proof RUL hammergun by Edmund Woods, a wildfowler if ever I saw one.



Full details can be found via links on the Stock Page.


Most of the guns mentioned above are nitro proofed for 2 3/4" cartridges and all are pre-1897.


Anyway, I look forward to seeing old friends and new at the Southern.

Travel safely!

Toby Barclay


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