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Heritage Guns Privacy Policy


Personal information that we hold is derived from two sources:

         sales of goods or services by Heritage Guns and

         specific requests to subscribe to our regular informative emails, commonly known as Heritage Guns Updates (HGU’s).

In the case of sales, the information derived is used to complete sales invoices and only retained for taxation and statutory firearm records. The record may include name, address, telephone number, driving licence number, firearm licence details, email address. Information is kept for a minimum of 6 years in both digital form and hard copy.

Registrations for HGU’s are usually submitted on the Heritage Guns Update Registration Form and include as much information as the Registrant wants to supply. The minimum information required is an email address, country of residence and a tick at the subscribe box. Our HGU mailing list is updated with new registrants but unless we receive a specific request to deregister, no registrant will be intentionally deleted whilst Heritage Guns remains in my personal control. The full list of registrants is only stored in digital form, not hard copy.

The recipient of any email can un-subscribe at any time by either replying to any email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line or go to the Current Update Page, fill in your email address on the Update registration form and tick the Unsubscribe box at the bottom.

If you wish to change or modify the contact information we hold for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We do not purchase any mailing lists: if you are receiving an email from us, you have requested it or someone has requested it for you on your behalf.

We do not share our mailing list with ANYBODY. Period.

If you wish to know what information we may have about you, just send us a request and we will send you the results of our search.

Our database is stored on a password protected computer equipped with up-to-date internet protection.

If there is is any significant change to the circumstances outlined above, we will contact you on the last email address you supplied, giving you the opportunity to deregister.

I very much hope that you will continue to receive and enjoy our Updates and will not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about this privacy policy.

Toby Barclay

Heritage Guns

Historic Guns For The Modern Sportsman