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Guncases & Magazines


We maintain a generous stock of late 19th and early 20th century cases waiting to be fitted to stock and customers' guns.

A few are complete with original lining and fittings but due to the parlous state of most, the majority of these cases are stripped of all the lining, have had new handles and/or straps fitted as necessary, ready to reline using new baize to exactly fit its new gun's dimensions.

Prices can range dramatically depending on your requirements and it is best to request a quote based on your specification.

Occasionally we have a selection of newly 'loose' lined leather cases ranging in price from £600 to £1200. To finish and fitt to take your gun would add a further £20 to £100 depending on your requirements.

All our refurbished cases have had handles and straps replaced where necessary and usually come complete with a lock key.


To view our current selection of cases, click here.


For the best in classic case accessories and tools, visit our Tools & Accessories page.


We also undertake repairs to owners' cases, from a replacement strap to a complete refit and reline with new baize. Many owners are surprised at how economical this can be and below we give some example prices.

Pair of new 'bridle' leather straps, complete with brass buckles and case guard, from £80

New leather handle, fitted, from £85

Reline with wool baize, from £300

All prices are subject to VAT. For more information, please visit the VAT section of our Purchasing page.

Please note that due to pressure of orders, our case makers and repairers may require from 10 to 15 weeks to complete repairs, depending on their complexity.



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