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Classic Guncase Tools & Accessories

Many of our tools are hand turned from Ebony, Brass or Horn by a craftsman who makes them for Heritage Guns specially to order.

Our Damascus and Brass snap caps, oil bottles and striker pots are made and browned in-house from the scrap Damascus tubes of sleeved guns that have passed through our workshops. These are carefully turned to fit the brass bodies and then finely polished and browned alongside our complete Damascus barrel sets.

As standard the snap caps are engraved with just their bore number but as a final touch of individuality, we can engrave your name or your gun's details on the brass head.


Prices below are not inclusive of VAT and all sales to customers within the UK and European Union are subject to VAT at 20%. Sales to customers outside the European Community may not be liable for VAT. Please check with us when confirming the price.

 We plan to exhibit accessories at future exhibitions in the UK and USA but we regret that we are not able to export any of our tools and accessories as one off purchases. In effect, all purchases outside the UK must be done 'face to face'.

More details can be found on our Purchasing page.

Our classic tools & accessories are available singly or in sets at the prices below:

Snap Caps 12b, Damascus and Brass
(Other gauges available)
Per Pair

from £78 per pair

Oil Bottle, Damascus and Brass


from £90 each


Striker Pot, Damascus and Brass

from 80 each

Engraving of Snap Caps or Striker Pot Brass Head

Specify Design & Text

from £30
per pair
from £25
per individual item
(Click on image for more information and prices on engraving snapcaps etc.)

All prices exclusive of VAT, Shipping and Insurance.

Please contact us for a quotation including delivery.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



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