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This redesigned web site was commissioned in early 2015 and we have tried to make it compatible with as many operating systems and devices as possible without overcomplicating the format or losing sight of its core purpose: to illustrate beautiful guns and cases. If you discover a glitch in the design or even a typo, please do us a huge favour and let us know!

With that out of the way, may we offer you...

A very warm welcome to Heritage Guns

We are dedicated to the restoration of fine shotguns and their accessories. Using a finely balanced combination of traditional and modern techniques and materials, we work tirelessly to bring these beautiful examples of true craftsmanship back to full working condition.

Upcoming Shows


Southern Side by Side Championship and Exhibition,
Spring 2018

We were really disappointed that due to an illness in the family, we are unable to attend in person in 2017. However Bob Nay of MacNab Fine Firearms kindly agreed to display our stock that we had on consignment in the USA.

We hope to be back in 2018! Looking forward to it!

Details of the event can be found at this link

As always, the show is held at Deep River Sporting Clays,
Sanford, North Carolina, dates are 28th to 30th April 2017.

We are very proud to sponsor the Black Powder Event
and present awards to the High Gun and Runner Up.


The Vintage Gunners Cup 2018

After a hiatus of a couple of years, the 'Vintage Cup' was restarted in 2016. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend in 2016 due to delays with a visa but we managed to get there in 2017.
We have every hope to be there again in 2018.


Full details of the event can be found at this link.




Recent Shows

Antique Arms Show, Las Vegas. 19th-21st January 2018

As you may be aware, the hotel where this show has been held for many years is being redeveloped so the whole shebang has been moved about 400 yards to the Westgate Resort & Casino (originally the Las Vegas Hilton). This venue is much more pleasant and spacious and we were seriously impressed by the layout back in January this year.

This is a wonderful event that we have attended eight times before.
Between the Sporting Arms, Guild of Engravers, Antique Arms and Knifemakers Shows, this is really packed with everything from the finest modern and antique firearms,
through fabulous accessories, exciting outfitters and extraordinary blades
to antique items barely recognizable as such!
There is so much to see, one’s head spins!

Details of this event can be found at the link below.




Some Recent Additions To Our Stock List

The Beesley patent self-opening action as manufactured by Purdey needs no introduction. It has become a byword for very best quality gun design and gunmaking throughout the world and has remained in production from its conception in 1880 to the present day. The gun we have here is a very early example of the patent, apparently only the 11th made. The fences on this gun are quite remarkable, exhibiting high-relief carvings of bunches of grapes and vine leaves. It was built as a non-ejector and is in startlingly good condition for its age which says a lot about the workmanship that went into it. At some point after 1888 it was elegantly converted to ejector using Purdey's normal ejector system and stamped with the workers initials 'FH' and 'PATENT'. The replacement stock and forend is probably more recent and a lovely, highly figured piece of walnut was utilised. The replacement Whitworth steel, thru-lump barrels are not by Purdey even though they carry their name but the workmanship is fabulous and it is thought that these were fitted by someone at the very top level of the London gun trade.

See full details here

Although this 20g gun bears the name Frank A Bales, the last of a respected East Anglian dynasty of sporting retailers 1814-1897, it was without doubt manufactured by WC Scott & Son. The gun displays Scott patents and features in nearly every mechanism and guns built on the action patent no 716 were supplied extensively by Scott to the whole UK gun trade. Interestingly, although Scott named guns are common in the USA, there are very few seen in the UK which illustrates their business model which was to exploit export markets under their own name but be a major gunmaker 'to the trade' in the UK, rarely selling guns in the UK as Scott's. The use of Scott's patented 'Patent Crystal Indicators' is unusual in a 20g gun as the smaller lock plates make their installation particularly fiddly.
With its Westley Richards made replacement barrels, rounded action, interceptor sears and new stock, this is a very safe and lovely antique gun for either clays or game but particularly appropriate for upland game.

More details here.

William Moore was first recorded in business as a gunmaker in 1808 and his business continued until bought by Cogswell & Harrison in 1908. He trained with the famous Joseph Manton and in turn, trained both Henry Atkin and Frederick Beesley amongst many other stalwarts of the London guntrade.
This 20g gun is a fine example of the elegant, small bore, sporting hammerguns that were commonly purchased for young people or by ladies in the last quarter of the 19th Century. These guns have often had a very hard life and it is rare that the original Damascus barrels have survived over 130 years of use and abuse. The fact that these have done so and retain very acceptable minimum wall thicknesses is a miracle.

Read full details here.

Although this gun bears the name W Leech and Son, a highly respected East Anglian gunmaker still in existence, it was without doubt manufactured by WC Scott & Son. The gun displays Scott patents and features in nearly every mechanism, from the top extension locking bolt and forend catch to the Patent Gas Check on the breech face. Interestingly, although Scott named guns are common in the USA, there are very few seen in the UK which illustrates their business model which was to exploit export markets under their own name but be a major gunmaker 'to the trade' in the UK, rarely selling guns in the UK as Scott's. It has been suggested that this gun may have been supplied 'in the white' to Robertson who brought the locks, action etc together for Leech.
Click here for the more information.
This Turner hammergun is a great example of the ultra-lightweight guns that he was best known for. They were made in both hammer and boxlock formats and were very successful at a time when the fashion for light guns was at its peak. Turner lightweight guns are well known for their fundamental simplicity and good quality, weight being reduced by paring away unneeded wood and metal whilst keeping it where strength was required. The miniature Stanton rebounding locks are of good quality and the Damascus barrels have a lovely figure. The cutaway stock is a particular Turner feature and this gun's beautifully figured timber coupled with the sensitive restoration makes it a very pretty, safe and highly 'shootable' gun for either game or clays but especially suitable for upland game.
For more info Click here

This next gun is a lovely example of the famous round action shotguns that Dicksons is renowned for. Complete with damascus barrels and a brand new stock, both of excellent dimensions, this is another very desirable gun. What is amazing is it is actually a composition of two quite separate guns: the barrels and forend of no 4654 and the action of no 4373. These were brought together sometime in the past but the project was not really finished. We have spent 18 months making someone's dream a reality and are most pleased with the results. One interesting detail are the 'Grouse Chokes', i.e. tighter in the RH barrel, which, given the gun's Scottish heritage, is satisfyingly appropriate!

Presented in a brass cornered, leather case with reproduction trade label and some accessories.

More details here:

This Wm Cashmore BLNE appeared unexpectedly in a rather dilapidated gun case and on closer inspection turned out to be a most interesting example of a special order 'Pigeon Gun'. Complete with file cut rib and standard 2 ¾" chambers, it hid its quality under a 'Plain Jane' cloak and it was only when the wood had been cleaned up and the barrels measured that the truth became apparent. It wears the most startling wood and a very unusual short rib, possibly to increase weight without affecting balance. The action looks like a classic Westley Richards top extension bolting but in fact is the design of action filer, Samuel Mills and the action is stamped with his name internally.

More details on this unusual gun here!






We have become familiar with the cartridges of RST Ltd through the US double gun competitions and exhibitions that we attend and can thoroughly recommend their products. Their range includes many light loads for those shooting classic guns or simply wanting to take advantage of light recoil and improved patterns. For those not able to access CIP standard ammunition, we would strongly recommend the use of the RST Ltd cartridges in our guns, ensuring of course that the correct case length and load is used for the gun in question.

Technical inquiries about RST Ltd cartridges should be addressed directly to them.



Visit our Hand Made Tools and Accessories page for details of our unique Damascus Bodied Snapcaps, Oil Bottles and Striker Pots. You will also find details of our bespoke Engraving Service for these fabulous accessories.


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